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Health tips since work from office is back

Some health tips for office goers
Now that work from office is back, many may miss out on their morning and evening workouts
Travelling to office makes one tired and hence they tend to skip their workouts. However you should never do this
While at your desk keep active and make use of the breaks. Get up and walk around every few minutes and do some stretches
Fix a goal to walk 10,000 steps every day. Staying mobile is a great way to stay healthy
Make sure the nutrition is right. Do not binge eat with your colleagues. Set a goal to eat healthy even while at office. Carry fruits with you
Carry some rose water with you. Long durations staring into the system can hurt the eyes. Close your eyes and spray rose water on your face while keeping your eyes closed
On Sundays or during holidays step out for a long walk. This will help you keep fit to a large extent