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'Head Bush' movie review

krishna murthy
The movie traces the rise of MP Jayaraj in the underworld, his desire to rule Bengaluru and how politicians-authorities used him for their gains.
The film exposes the nexus of underworld, authorities and politicians. It also reveals the other side of don Jayaraj's life.
The first half is loaded with action and the second half brings balance to the storyline. The Karaga sequence and climax portions are well shot.
The gangster drama is filled with violence and cuss words which might make family audience uncomfortable.
Dhananjaya shines as MP Jayaraj and Yogi aka Loose Madha is equally good. Vasishta Simha, as his rival Kothwal, has done a good job too.
The film can be enjoyed if you are a fan of action films and interested in the 70s underworld story of Bengaluru.
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