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Happy Ugadi: What you need to know about 'New Year'?

Ugadi is an important festival that is celebrated by the people from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana falls on April 2. South Indians celebrate the festival of Ugadi with great fervour.
Ugadi, which is mainly celebrated in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, falls on April 2. The festival is known by the name of Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra.
Ugadi term originated from Sanskrit. ‘yuga’ denotes time and the word ‘adi’ means beginning.
Noted Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya in 12th century identified Ugadi as the first day of the first month of a new year.
Ugadi marks the beginning of the new year. So, people consider this day very auspicious and start any new work.
As per Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma started creation of the universe on Ugadi.
Apart from taking oil bath, people decorate entrance with Mango leaf toran, design rangoli in front of house, prepare tasty foods. They also wear new clothes on this day.
Pachadi is an important recipe prepared by Hindus on Ugadi. It is a mixture of six different tastes.
How life is signified in pachadi?
  • Tamarind- Disgust
  • Green chilli- Anger
  • Neem Buds/flower - Sadness
  • Salt-Fear
  • Unripened Mango- Surprise
  • Jaggery- Happiness