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Habits that increase the risk of brain stroke

Gowrish Babu
A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain stops or is restricted.
Here are lifestyle habits that must be avoided as they may increase the risk of brain stroke.
Alcohol consumption: People who consume alcohol are prone to stroke as well as a heart attack.
Smoking: Smoking is a high-risk factor in brain and heart diseases.
Sleep: Several hormones are released during sleep that gets interrupted when a person has an erratic sleep schedule.
Dietary habits: Completely avoid junk food and have a high-fibre diet including fruits and vegetables.
Stress: Stress affects a lot of the younger population. Learn to keep your mind calm and relaxed for a healthier heart.
Lack of exercise: Not just obesity, sedentary life is a risk factor for stroke too. So, dedicate 30-45 minutes to exercise every day.
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