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Guidelines for schools amid heatwave

Amid scorching heat, the central government has issued a fresh set of guidelines for schools in Delhi-NCR.
School hours may start early and get over before noon. Timing may be from 7.00 AM onwards
School assembly should be conducted in covered area or in classrooms with reduced timing
School bus or van should not be over-crowded and should be parked in shaded area
Drinking water and first aid kit should be available in the bus
Students coming to school on foot or bicycle should be advised to keep their head covered
Parents should be sensitised to pick-up the students themselves
Schools should ensure that all fans are functional and that all classrooms are properly ventilated
Availability of power back-up may be arranged, if possible
Curtains, blinds, newspaper, etc. may be used to stop the sunlight entering directly into the classroom
Children carrying lunch box may be advised not to carry food that can turn stale quickly
Schools may relax norms about uniforms and canvas shoes may be allowed instead of leather ones
Schools may relax norms regarding uniform