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GST rates on these 143 items may raise. Read details HERE

The GST Council has reportedly sought states view on raising tax rates on 143 items.
Out of 143 items, 92 per cent are proposed to be shifted from the 18 per cent tax slab to the top 28 per cent slab.
These items include papad, gur (jaggery), power banks, watches, suitcases, handbags, perfumes/deodorants, colour TV sets (below 32 inches).
Chocolates, chewing gums, walnuts, custard powder, non-alcoholic beverages, ceramic sinks, wash basins also in the list.
The tax rate of Goggles, frames for spectacles/goggles and apparel and clothing accessories of leather, will also likely to be increased.
A lot of the proposed rate changes will reportedly mark the reversal of the rate cut decisions taken by the Council in the run-up to the 2019 general elections.
However, a PTI report said that the panel of ministers looking into GST rate rationalisation and is yet to submit its report to the GST Council.