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Govt makes it easier to get Aadhaar cards for babies: Check details

krishna murthy
As of right now, 16 of India's states are giving Aadhaar-linked birth registration to families.
For children up to 5 years, no biometrics is captured.
Their UID is processed on the basis of demographic information and facial photograph linked with the UID of their parents.
Hence, biometric update is required (ten fingers, iris and facial photograph) once the child turns 5 and 15.
As many as 134 crore Aadhaars have been issued till date. Last year, updates and enrolments for this 12-digit biometric identifier added to nearly 20 crore.
Of this, 4 crore were new enrolments, a number that includes newborn babies and children up to 18 years.
Only 30 lakh were related to new adult enrolments.
The full list of states with Aadhaar Linked Birth Registration was not immediately available.
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