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Give humble khichdi a makeover with these add-ons

krishna murthy
Khichdi is almost every Indian household's go-to food when someone's not well.
But with a few twists, the humble khichdi can be spiced up for a fancier makeover.
Try some of these tricks we tried to make khichdi tastier.
Veggies: Add your favourite vegetables from potatoes and bell peppers to peas and cauliflower for a healthier, wholesome meal.
Lentils: Who says only moong daal should go in khichdi? Soak kidney beans (rajma), chana dal, black urad dal for a few hours and add them to your rice. Another tip is to dry roast moong or chana dal before adding rice to it.
Spices: Try using pav bhaji masala or biryani masala with some ginger garlic paste for that added zing.
Chicken: Sounds wrong? Well, add a few shreds of boiled chicken to your khichdi and tell us how you liked it.
Pickle oil: Just before serving, add a spoonful of pickle oil in your khichdi and you would be happy with your bowl of comfort, we promise!
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