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Foods to avoid if you suffer from acid reflux

krishna murthy
Acid reflux is often triggered by what you eat and drink. Avoid these 8 foods if you have acid reflux!
Caffeine, commonly found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks, aggravate acid reflux. It can also have negative side effects in some people including anxiety, restlessness, and trouble sleeping.
Carbonated beverages such as spring water, beer and soda, or pop are a big no-no if you have acid reflux.
Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruit) are more likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms. They also contain more acid than other fruits.
Alcohol consumption may worsen acid reflux and cause damage to the esophageal mucosa.
Fried, greasy, and fatty foods can cause heartburn and lead to acid reflux because they prevent the lower esophageal sphincter from fully tightening.
Garlic, especially raw, is known to cause heartburn and upset stomach in healthy people. That makes it even more likely to cause issues for those who suffer from acid reflux.
If your symptoms of acid reflux continue, you must seek the advice of medical professional.
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