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Foods to avoid if you are fighting osteoporosis

krishna murthy
Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which bones become very weak and brittle.
This can happen due to the lack of proper nutrition, old age, menopause or certain medications.
However, you can manage it with certain changes in your diet plan that can help your bones become stronger and healthier. Read on to find out more.
Do not consume food high in salt content (sodium) as it can make the body lose calcium, further leading to bone loss.
Another food to avoid is spinach, which contains oxalates (oxalic acid). The body cannot absorb nutrients from food items that are high in oxalates.
Limit your alcohol intake as the body’s absorption of calcium and Vitamin D, the two key nutrients for bone health, gets affected by it.
Colas and coffee are known for reduced bone mass and increased fracture risk in some cases.
However, you can include dairy products such as yoghurt, curd, milk, cheese etc in your diet as they are the best sources of calcium.
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