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Features of first flex-fuel car in India

krishna murthy
The car will be not powered by only diesel, petrol, or CNG but will run on flexible fuels.
Read on to know more about this environment-friendly and pocket-friendly car.
This 'flexible fuel' vehicle can run on petrol or on a mix of petrol and ethanol up to 83%.
While the engine of petrol-only car operate on petrol alone, the flex-fuel vehicle has an engine compatible both for petrol or its blend with ethanol.
FFVs are calibrated with the engine control module for higher oxygen consumption, which the fuel mixture, ignition timing, and emission system.
Engine control module also ensures the safety of the engine from overuse.
With fuel-switch option, the drivers can always switch to cheaper fuel options whenever needed.
In USA, Brazil, and Canada, flex-fuel vehicles are already available.
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