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Emmanuel Macron’s journey to becoming President of France

Emmanuel Macron has been re-elected as the President of France for the second time
Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen to become the President of France for the second time
Macron (44) is the first French leader to be re-elected in 20 consecutive years. He won with a 58 per cent vote share
Macron studied at the École Nationale d'Administration and before joining politics, he was a civil servant. He also worked as a banker and economic advisor to former president, Francois Hollande
He is married to Brigitte who is 24 years his senior. She was his teacher and her daughter from her first marriage also studied in Macron’s class
Macron faced opposition from his parents, but he still decided to go ahead and marry Brigitte in 2007. Macron refers to her as his intellectual partner
He stepped into the political scene after being appointed as Minister of Economy an Industry by Hollande
Macron is the youths president in the history of France to hold the post at the age of 39