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Earth Day 2022: Date, Theme and Significance

Every year on April 22, we celebrate our mother earth with 'World Earth day'
Earth Day, annual celebration honouring the achievements of the environmental movement and raising awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability.
The first Earth Day was organized in 1970 with an aim to promote the thoughts of ecology, reverence for existence on earth, and highlighting growing concern over pollution of the soil, air, and water.
Exceeding all expectations, 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day observance in 1970.
Celebrations effectively stopped traffic in New York City when 20,000 people packed Union Square to see Hollywood actor Paul Newman and hear a speech by New York City Mayor John Lindsay, who arrived on an electric bus.
Earth Day is observed in nearly 140 nations.
The day is celebrated by outdoor feats, exhibits, street fairs, skits and television programs that are centered on environmental issues.
In 2016, the United Nations chose Earth Day as the day when the historic Paris Agreement on climate change was signed into force.
The theme for Earth Day 2022 is "INVEST IN OUR PLANET", focusing on the effects of climate change on the planet that we all share and what efforts are being made in the real world to mitigate it.
'The Earth is what we all have in common.” —Wendell Berry
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”-George Bernard Shaw
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” —Albert Einstein
“The good man is the friend of all living things.” —Gandhi