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Don't let Diabetes spoil your Diwali fun

Gowrish Babu
This can be a little challenging for people with diabetes.
Follow these simple tips to make peace with sweets and coexist with your disease.
Fasting for too long is a big no-no but feasting isn't exactly recommended either. So eat small meals frequently.
Always reach out for food items that are not fried or greasy. Go for grilled, roasted or baked items.
Say bye to extremely sweet items like Jalebi and gulab jamun. Choose nuts, fruits and sweets with less sugar content.
Avoid alcohol or carbonated drinks. Try using coconut water or lemonade instead.
For milk-based sweets, try using skimmed or low-fat milk instead of creamy (tastier) one.
Try having homemade sweets and snack.
And most importantly, don't feel too bad about not being able to eat much. Diwali is about the spirit of happiness and not just food.
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