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Diwali 2022: States that have banned firecrackers

States which have banned firecrackers on Diwali
krishna murthy
With a few days left for Diwali, some states have laid down norms for bursting crackers
The Delhi government has passed an order banning the sale, storage and use of all types of firecrackers until January 1 2023
In Punjab a window of two hours from 8 pm to 10 pm will be open to burst firecrackers on October 24
In Haryana the sale, manufacture, sale and use of all kinds of firecrackers has been prohibited. Green crackers are however allowed
In West Bengal only green fireworks during the Kali Puja on October 24 have been allowed
The Tamil Nadu government has allowed bursting of crackers for an hour but twice on that day
In TN the permitted window is between 6 to 7 am and 7 to 8 pm
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