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Dhanteras 2022: What not to buy

This year Dhanteras falls on Sunday, 23rd October 2022.
krishna murthy
The day also sees heavy purchases of appliances and automobiles.
The festival is believed to be the most auspicious occasion for buying gold, silver and other metals especially kitchenware.
DhanterasBut some items are believed to bring ill luck if bought on Dhanteras.
According to Astrology and Vaastu, it is better to avoid buying certain items on Dhanteras. People should avoid buying things made of glass or glassware.
Even crockery should be avoided as some astrologers say that these items are associated with Rahu.
Rahu is usually associated with inauspiciousness. Even if one has to buy glassware, then it must be ensured that they are totally transparent.
Purchase of utensils made of Aluminium should be avoided as even these are associated with Rahu.
Knives, scissors, sharp-edged items and utensils made of iron should also not be purchased as per astrology.
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