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Children glued to mobiles? Help's at hand

Gowrish Babu
Here are a few tricks that may come in handy.
To begin with, don't introduce mobile phones early on in your child's life.
However, if that is not a possibility anymore, here are a few more ways to keep the beast at bay.
Engage them in outdoor activities. Enrol them in sports classes and encourage them to play with friends.
If your child is not keen on sports, involve them in art or music and watch them forget about mobiles.
Introduce them to the magical world of books. Difficult initially but once they get hooked, there is no coming back.
Turn off the internet when they are busy doing such activities to avoid distraction.
Children watch better than they listen. So, when around them minimise your own use of mobile phones. This is a tip that goes a long way.
Explain to them the many ill-effects of using mobile phones.
If possible, chalk out a time-table when they can indulge in some screen time. But make sure everyone sticks to that plan.
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