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Chhath Puja 2022: Dos and Don'ts

krishna murthy
This year, Chhath Puja will be celebrated on Sunday, October 30.
Here are the Dos and Don'ts to observe during Chhath Puja.
Be clean and take a bath daily before indulging yourself in any of the processes of Chhath Puja.
Women who observe this fast do not sleep on the bed or cot during these days but on the ground.
Before making prasad, make sure you clean your hands and feet well.
During Sandhya Ghat and Bhorwa Ghat, take a bath, wear new clothes and then accompany your family and friends at the banks of the river.
Worship the Sun God and take the blessings of elders. Offering arghya to the Sun God is considered very important.
Do not eat or touch salty items during Prasad making as it is highly prohibited.
Do not eat non-vegetarian. Do not drink or smoke as it is heavily prohibited during Chhath puja.
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