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Chhath Puja 2022 Aragh time : Check the Sunrise and Sunset time

Gowrish Babu
The shubh mahurat will begin at 05:49 am on Oct 30 and end at 03:27 am on Oct 31.
On that day, the timing for the sunrise is predicted to be 06.31 am and 05.38 pm for sunset.
Devotees offer Arghya to Surya Devta and Chhathi Maiya.
Devotees believe Shashthi Mata protects the children of devotees and blesses them with longevity.
Offering Arghya to the setting sun is the main ritual of the day.
The puja vidhi begins with traditional puja, devotees offering flowers and light earthen lamps, diyas, on the river banks.
The devotees break their fast after this ritual, take a dip in the holy water, and listen to tales of Sun God.
Later, special rice, sugarcane, thekua (wheat cakes) is offered to Sun God.
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