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Care tips for Acrylic nails

Gowrish Babu
So you have burnt a hole in your pocket to get those stunning acrylic nails?
Now all you want is the nails to stay this beautiful for the longest time
Follow these care tips for long-lasting nails
They look natural but they aren't. So treat them gently.
Don't open cans, boxes, or lift anything heavy with their support.
Keep them dry. Water weakens acrylic nails and also leads to fungal infections so keep your nails dry at all costs.
Don't go for the regular nail polish remover with acetone. Acetone will leave pits and make your nails soft.
Follow good hygiene. Do we really need to explain this point further?
If the nail chips or damage, don't go googling 'DIYs'. Go to your nail technician to avoid further damage or even infection.
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