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Bizarre list of don'ts on menu of this cafe baffles internet

krishna murthy
Well, if answer to any of these is 'YES', you should never try this Irani Cafe in Pune.
Yes, this cafe has a long list of 23 don'ts that every customer must follow, and some of them are outright hilarious.
Some fairly obvious rules include 'no smoking', 'no fighting' and 'no chewing gum under the table'.
But there were more questionable rules on the list, which included 'no sitting for long', 'no Candy Crush', 'no laptop' and 'no flirting with the cashier'.
Some hilarious ones were no running away, no bargaining, no asking change, no combing, no free advice, no brushing teeth and no discussing gambling.
Another thing you cannot do in this Irani Café is 'go to sleep'.
Although the cafe’s location is unknown, people, as expected, are going gaga over these signs.
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