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Be your favorite, practice self-love

Before the world loves you, be your own cheerleader.
krishna murthy
Yes, self-love makes you to lead a happy life and motivates you to make healthy life choices in life. Here's how to practice it.
Do away with the notion that tells you to 'be perfect'. this idea itself is false. Never be ashamed of your flaws. Remember everyone has them.
Don't compare yourself with others. Comparison destroys the joy of being yourself.
Stop searching for perfect time for happiness. Stay in present and enjoy the moment.
Cultivate the habit of having daily gratitude. Be thankful for the have's instead of worrying about the have-nots.
Tell yourself that you cannot have control over everything in life. Do your best and leave the rest to the supreme power.
Avoid negative social circle. Be it your abusive family member or an insulting friend, understand that they don't have control over your life.
Eat healthy and normal food which will have impact on your mental health.
Join gym or swimming class or anything that you enjoy doing.
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