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Avoiding unhealthy health goals and its importance

Avoid unhealthy health goals
Ensure that your health goals are achieved in moderation. Trying to attain perfection may lead to excess stress and you may not reach your goal
Ensure that the diet is not extreme. It is okay to have an ice-cream or pizza from time to time. Ensure that it is not in excess. Basically you should eat normally and not in excess or too less
Cancelling social events to hit the gym is an unhealthy health goal. Meeting people improves mental health
Working out regularly does not mean you can binge eat. Do not work out so that you can eat whatever you want
Contact an instructor or medical practitioner in case you are not sure about your health goals
As the doctor how much you should eat and if a particular diet will suit you
Ask the doctor about the extent of exercise you need to do. This will ensure that you don’t under-do or overdo the exercise