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Are you having enough protein

Gowrish Babu
Protein is the building block of the body. It helps to repair and helps in the formation of tissues
Improper intake of protein leads to protein deficiency and your body will start showing symptoms of the same
Edema is the unexplained swelling of the skin. This happens due to water retention and is a sign that you are low on protein
Low protein intake leads to dull and flaky skin
Your nails become brittle if your protein intake is low
If you exercise regularly then protein is a must. Low protein could lead to low muscle mass
Mild protein deficiency leads to making you feel more hungry than normal
You are a high risk of fracture if your protein intake is not sufficient
You will suffer from poor immunity if you have protein deficiency
Eggs, chicken, fishes, turkey, almonds, cottage cheese, lentils, soybean and quinoa are some good sources of protein
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