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All about World Tsunami Awareness Day 2022

World Tsunami Awareness Day is observed every year on November 5.
Gowrish Babu
It aims to create awareness about this deadly disaster.
In 2022, the theme is “Early Warning and Early Action Before Every Tsunami.”
According to the UN, there have been 58 Tsunamis over the past 100 years, killing more than 260,000 people, or an average of 4,600 people per disaster, which is higher than any other natural disaster.
The highest number of deaths in that period was in the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.
The UN General Assembly designated 5 November as World Tsunami Awareness Day in December 2015, encouraging countries and international bodies to raise tsunami awareness.
Tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes below or near the ocean; tsunamis are a series of enormous waves.
A tsunami can also be generated by volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, and coastal rock falls, as well as by an impact of a large asteroid.
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