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All about 'one charger for all devices'

krishna murthy
As per an Economic Times report, the Government of India is also considering implementing one charger for all devices.
So how exactly will this rule change the things for us consumers? Read on.
One charger will lessen electron waters as there would be just one device to charge all mobile phones, laptops, smartphones, feature phones, and IoT (internet of Things) devices.
One single charging port – USB Type-C would be available in all devices.
If the GoI implements it, the buyers won't need to buy multiple chargers for different devices.
It will cut the cost and you will also be free to decide if you need to buy a new charger with new devices.
It will be a boon for the environment as well as it would cut down on electronic waste.
In Europe, the rule will be effective by the end of 2024.
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