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7 Ways to lower breast cancer risks

Gowrish Babu
The main reason for this can be an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity. Besides, there can be many reasons for developing breast cancer at a young age.
Precaution really is better than cure. Here’s how one can keep breast cancer at bay.
Keep a healthy weight: Ensure your diet is a healthy balance of proteins, carbs, and fats.
Be physically active. You should have at least a 30-minute workout in your daily schedule.
Choose not to drink alcohol, or drink alcohol in moderation.
Do breastfeed: Breastfeed your children, if possible. It is protective for both the baby as well as the mother.
Avoid late pregnancy: Childbirth after the age of 30 years is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer. So, avoid late pregnancy.
Avoid hormonal manipulation: Too much tinkering with bodily hormones can also lead to breast cancer.
Reach out to doctor: If you have a family history of breast cancer talk to your doctor about other ways to lower your risk.
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