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7 tips to combat dry skin in Winter

Gowrish Babu
Dry skin symptoms can include itching, flakiness and redness, although in more severe cases, your skin can also become cracked or bleed.
These tips will help your skin feel soft and summery this winter.
Apply a moisturizer to your face and body.
Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
Apply natural oils like mineral oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and seed oil, to prevent water loss in skin.
Take short, cold showers and avoid long, hot baths. Very hot water can dry out your skin and a long shower is more likely to cause skin dryness than a short shower.
Avoid dryer sheets, scented soaps or other scented products.
Painful, cracked heels are a common skin condition, especially in winter. Keep feet healthy with petroleum jelly, covering them with plastic wrap, and putting on a pair of socks overnight.
With a direct connection between the gut and skin health, increasing your daily intake of fats may help with dry skin.
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