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7 simple steps to clean your fish tank

krishna murthy
Cleaning a fish tank is easy and takes only a few steps but it just needs to be done on a regular basis.
Here are 7 simple steps to clean your fish tank.
It is the best idea to keep your fish in the tank when you clean. Removing them may cause unnecessary stress for your fish and it can be fatal for them too.
Firstly, begin cleaning your fish tank, start by unplugging the heater and filter.
Clean the glass with an appropriate acrylic-safe or glass scrub.
If you want to clean plants, rocks, or decorations, remove these items from the tank and wash.
Use a siphon to vacuum dirt and other gunk off of the gravel.
Keep at least 50 per cent of the water in the tank at all times.
After you are done cleaning your tank, you can refill the tank with new water.
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