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6 tips to cut down your daily expenditure

With the prices rising, here’s how to cut down on expenses
Living in general has become an expensive affair. The only thing you can do is keep a check on your spending and do some basics to cut costs
To save money start tracking your spending habits. This will help you cut cost on your daily expenditure
Re-evaluate your subscriptions. Think how much you need or use the service such as streaming services. As yourself how much you use this and do you really need this
Electricity accounts for 12 per cent of average budget. Try and lower your bill and to do so reduce the usage of heating and cooling equipments drastically as they consume most power.
Eat at home. Prepare a weekly meal plan by figuring out what you will eat. This could help you save a lot of money
When you shop, shop with a list. This will control the spending and you will not end up buying things that you do not need
Focus on paying off your existing debts. This would ensure that you have more money in your monthly budget