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6 Times when KS Eshwarappa Shocked People with Controversial Comments

KS Eshwarappa, who is now facing the heat over the suicide of a contractor, is known for making controversial comments. Here, we are listing out six times when he courted controversies.
In 2015, KS Eshwarappa courted controversy when he asked a woman journalist what can the opposition members do if "someone drags and rapes" her.
Responding to a woman journalist's question if opposition BJP had failed in its duty by not making government accountable for such crimes, he said, "You are a woman, you are here now, if someone drags you and rapes you, we opposition people will be somewhere else. What can we do?"
A February 2022, KS Eshwarappa landed in trouble by saying that the saffron flag (Bhagwa) could replace the tricolour as the national flag in the future. Speaking to mediapersons here, Eshwarappa said the saffron flag could indeed become the national flag in a hundred, two hundred or even five hundred years from now.
In 2019, KS Eshwarappa stoked a controversy by likening the post of the Deputy Chief Minister to film actor Aishwarya Rai. "There is no politician who is not interested (in being DyCM). Youth, once they come of age, can seek Aishwarya Rao as their wife. But, there is only one of her."
In 2019, KS Eshwarappa stirred a storm when he said, "Patriotic Muslims voted for the BJP [Bharatiya Janta Party] but whoever is pro-Pakistan and is an anti-national Muslim, did not vote for the BJP".
In 2021, KS Ewarappa’s remarks “if you hit us with a stick, we will hit you back with the same stick” had created a political storm in the state.