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6 Common mistakes to avoid during winter

Winter is in its full bloom and we are enjoying every bit of it.
krishna murthy
However, not everything is glorious about the season.
Winter also brings along several health issues like cold, cough and low immunity.
Let's look at 5 of the most common mistakes we often do during winters.
In winters, people tend to consume less water leading to dehydration.
Exercises dips too as temperature dips and one gets too lazy and cozy to venture out for some workout.
In winters, we tend to eat more junk food leading to several lifestyle issues including obesity, diabetes and more.
Taking long hot shower has a calming effect both on the mind and the body but it actually makes the skin dry and damage the keratin cells.
Increased consumption of hot coffee can cause negative effects on the body.
Falling ill during winters is common but self-medication can be dangerous.
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