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5 winter greens you must have

krishna murthy
Here are five winter greens you must include in your winter diet.
Sarson is enriched with antioxidants, and is full of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, and vitamin A.
Methi is one of the healthiest greens. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and beta-carotene.
Palak is linked to numerous health benefits that include improved eyesight, cancer prevention and blood sugar regulation, among others.
Beetroot greens are an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin E, fibre and calcium.
Carrot tops are rich in nutrients, containing around six times more vitamin C than the root, besides being loaded with potassium, calcium and phytonutrients.
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