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5 Hair care habits you need to stop this summer

In the midst of the summer's heat, we need to ensure our hair gets the necessary care to stay healthy.
Staying out in the sun: It should be avoided during summer. Exposure to IUVA and UVB radiation can cause hair loss. Wear hats, caps, and thermal protectors if you are going to enjoy the sun.
Extra time in the pool: Once wet, dry hair absorbs water like a sponge. Chlorine in swimming pools leaves the hair dry, weak, and brittle due to its low pH.
Tying the hair too tight: Make sure you choose accessories that won't damage your hair and untie them carefully without pulling or breaking them.
Hot baths: We all know how relaxing a warm bath can be, but hot water dissolves natural oils in your hair, just like on the skin.
Using the wrong (same) products: If your hair tends to get drier and frizzier during the summer, don't hesitate to change from your usual products.