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Why are background verification and identity screening important aspects to cover before recruitments?

By Anuj Cariappa
Google Oneindia News

Hiring a new employee into your organization demands a certain amount of time, resources, and capital-intensive processes. A bad hire can bring the threats of workplace misconduct or illegal activities, putting the safety and reputation of your organization at stake. Therefore, every employer should put special emphasis on pre-employment background verification so that your hire does not prove to be a liability to your organization.

Why are background verification and identity screening important aspects to cover before recruitments?

Mr. Santosh Kumar pens down the importance of background verification and identity screening for the recruitment process from his experience of founding and running one of the leading global background screening firms- AMS Inform.

Be it you are a large organization or an SME, background screening is a pivotal part of your hiring decision as employees are the real assets of a company. Employees add value to any business venture and direct the company towards profitability, growth, and expansion. If you end up onboarding incompatible job candidates, your onboarding decision will reflect in the performance of your organization. Identity check helps the HR personnel to determine the accuracy of the biographical data provided by the candidate. As a result, they become able to get hold of all other relevant information to produce a successful background screening.

According to recent studies, 78% of job seekers lie or consider lying while applying for a job. In this time of severe job crunch, providing misinformation in their job resumes has become more commonplace than ever. Some of the most common practices include lying about job skills, employment history, educational background, and criminal past among many others. A reliable background screening can verify all this information about your potential hire to eliminate the threat of any recruitment mistake. Employers hold the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all the stakeholders of their companies including staff, business partners, and customers. Background check works as a preventive measure to safeguard your company and its associates. AMS Inform's accurate and fast background verification services can provide you with a safe and healthy workplace that will not only improve your company's business performance but also help in the retention of your valuable employees.

In the age of technological advancement, more and more companies are adopting digitization to enhance their operational efficiency. This increased reliability of digital technology and interconnectivity have exposed organizations to the threat of data theft and cyber-attacks. If you are not conducting a background check before bringing a new employee in, you are putting your organization under the threat of an in-house security breach that can prove to be expensive to your company.

Many companies today have international subsidiaries or hire from the global talent pool. Such organizations need to maintain legal compliance with the governing authorities of several countries in case of hiring new employees. This process can be overwhelmingly taxing on the time and resources of a company. A background screening of your applicants can easily help you understand your candidate's legal rights as employees in a particular country. At the same time, background screening can be an important tool for ensuring job competency in the cases of incense-based occupations like doctors, nurses, lawyers, counselors, and therapists among many others. Through a professional license check, the employers can verify the validity and authorization of the licenses of their candidates to avoid any kind of future hazards.

At the onset of the latest global pandemic, employers, recruiting managers, and HR executives have been pushed to embrace the virtual hiring methods. Virtual hiring comes with a number of benefits like streamlined and quick hiring drives along with no geographical limitations. However, it also increases the organizational vulnerability to fraudulent candidature. In the changing scenario, the importance of background screening and identity verification has escalated even more to boost your confidence in your new hire and protect your business as well as customers.

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