If our MPs choose me as PM, I am game: Rahul Gandhi

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Bangalore, April 12: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi gave an exclusive interview to Headlines Today (HLT) on Saturday.

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HLT: Do you have any time to marry?

Rahul: I will marry when I get the right match.

HLT: It is alleged that your constituency Amethi has remained backward

Rahul: The SP government of UP has not done enough development work. My goal is to empower people, no matter what happens. It is not a challenging task for me.

HLT: On the issue of prime ministerial candidate...

Rahul: If our MPs choose me as their leader, I am not going to back off.

HLT: How can you work with parties like Samjawadi Party after the kind of remarks its parties make?

Rahul: We are fighting the Samajwadi Party as we are fighting the BJP. Any form of extremism is bad for India.

HLT: What happened to the primary in Vadodara constituency?

Rahul: Don't judge the concept of primary by just one case of nomination. People have welcomed this move. I want to give every Indian this chance of empowering themselves.

HLT: Have you taken any initiative yourself to stop corruption?

Rahul: It's a big battle. I am trying and will keep trying.

HLT: The same allegations of crony capitalism are also against your government

Rahul: Corruption can be uprooted only through action and that is through institutional step. We have empowered people through measures like right to information.

HLT: Your views on Gujarat model of development

Rahul: It is all about big corporates. The ordinary labourers are suffering. It is all about marketing.

HLT: is this election becoming Modi centric?

Rahul: We don't believe in that. We have been in power for 10 years now and it itself is a big achievement.

HLT: Your decentralisation is about welfare?

Rahul: No, our decentralisation is about helping the poor. If they are not given a base, they can't improve.

HLT: The Congress should win, what do you think?

Rahul: It should be. We believe in decentralisation while our opponent believes in empowering an individual.

HLT: Why can't you do the same kind of marketing?

Rahul: The Congress's base is among the rural people. They make more noise but our result is more reality-oriented.

HLT: How is the situation on the ground?

Rahul: The surveys predicted loss of the Congress in 2004 and 2009 but they were proved wrong. They (read BJP) do good marketing.

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