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Singh Sankranti 2019: Why people eat ghee on this harvest festival


Dehradun, Aug 17: Singh Sankranti, one of the unique festival that celebrates the harvesting season and rich agricultural produce is being celebrated today in Uttharakhand. It is also known as Ghee Sankranti. Lord Vishnu, Sun God and Lord Narasimha are worshipped on this day.

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The harvest festival is very important for an agricultural country like India. Like all Indian festivals, food plays a major role in Ghee Sankranti festivities as well.

When is Singh Sankranti

It is fundamentally a celebration that signifies the appreciation of local people and families enjoyed the control of cultivating.

Surya Sankranti festival is celebrated when the Sun enters the Leo sign from Cancer. The position of Sun moving from one zodiac sign to another is called Sankranti. On this day the sun god comes out of the Moon's zodiac sign and enters his own zodiac sign.

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According to the tradition, on this day son-in-law and nephews would give presents to their father-in-law and maternal uncles, respectively. However, at the present time, the agriculturalists and artisans give presents to their land-owner and customers of the tools, in return, they also get gifts and money from them.

Why is it called Ghee Sankranti

What makes this festival interesting is pouring ghee on the foreheads and eating ghee and chapatis stuffed with urad dal.

Ghee Sankranti is celebrated during the time the crops are growing well and the milk-giving animals are also healthy.

People exchange gifts like axes, ghee, vegetable, Binai (Oral harp), metal caliper, datkhocha (metallic toothpick). Ghee is consumed and donated on this day to stay long and healthy.

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