Kairana exodus: UP police is lying says former R&AW officer

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Lucknow, June 13: The Uttar Pradesh police was quick to dismiss reports of a mass exodus of Hindus from Kairana town of Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. The cops said that they conducted a verification of 150 addresses and learnt that most had left in search of jobs.

This is a claim that has been disputed by many. Former officer of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan speaks with OneIndia about this mass exodus while also stating that the claim by the UP police is far from reality.

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Kairana exodus: UP police is lying

UP cops are taking the convenient path

Amar Bhushan argues that the UP police are taking the convenient path. Like the politicians in UP, the cops too appear to be pandering to the minority community.

To say that the Hindu families have not migrated due to fear but in search of jobs and better opportunities, it is one of the most convenient things for them to say, Bhushan also adds.

"I know of workers from Bihar who go in search of work outside. Do you call that migration? Their families are still in their home town and these persons send back money there. However is that the case in Kairana? The village is almost empty. What does this indicate? They have left out of fear," the former R&AW officer also notes.

The UP police instead of addressing the problem are twisting facts. Women and girls are being harassed and they are seeking protection from the police which is not given.

Instead of addressing that issue, the UP police is trying to twist the facts. Have they not seen boards which say that the houses are up for sale? What does this indicate.

Clearly these persons are being driven out so that their properties could be usurped, Amar Bhushan also points out.

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