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WATCH: 3-cm long live blood-sucking leech removed from woman’s throat

By Simran Kashyap

Beijing, July 09: If you're squeamish or easily grossed out, you might want to turn away from this story.

A woman from China, who had complained of a sore throat was shocked to see a blood-sucking leech that was living in her windpipe.

WATCH: 3-cm long live blood-sucking leech removed from woman’s throat

The woman, named only as Ms Wang in reports, visited hospital where she told doctors she was experiencing discomfort in her throat, like 'something moving', and she had been coughing up blood.

Doctor Yao Hongmei, head of respiratory and critical care medicine at Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital, ordered the 65-year-old woman to have a bronchoscopy when she went to hospital on the 2 July to try and get to the bottom of the problem. The results shocked everyone at the hospital.

The results revealed a leech wriggling in the woman's glottis, the area which contains the vocal cords, reported LabBible.

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Hongmei and his team of doctors immediately froze the parasite using dry ice and then managed to slowly peel it off the woman's throat.

WATCH: 3-cm long live blood-sucking leech removed from woman’s throat

Although the removal procedure lasted for just six minutes, the doctors said the leech could've attacked the woman's sinuses had they not removed it quickly.

According to the doctors, the woman worked on a farm and was drinking unsterilised 'spring water', which possibly contained leech eggs or larvae.

This is not the only incident in recent time where doctors have removed parasites and worms from an adult's body.

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