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Want to win money by slapping others? You can take part in this bizarre contest in Russia


Moscow, March 22: We have seen boxing bouts, wrestling games and various other kinds of physical duels. But another bizarre competition from Russia made the headlines recently and it is about a slapping competition, Lad Bible reported.

In this contest, two contenders face each other and then one slaps the other with the latter having no chance to defend himself (in the other duels, at least there is the right to defend oneself).

Want to win money by slapping others? You can take part in this bizarre contest in Russia

The slap contest was a part of the Siberian Power Show (it includes stuffs like bodybuilding, powerlifting and even dumpling-eating contest!) and it features the two contestants trading blows until one is knocked out. Some of those whacks are indeed tough to resist, as the rubbing of ice on the cheeks of some of the recipients shows.

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In one of the videos, a robust contestant is seen slapping a thinner opponent, leaving the latter almost dizzy as he falls backwards. The man though returns but the expression on his face showed that he was indeed shocked and was not being able to continue competing.

There is a whole lot of audience who witnesses the bizarre contest and one woman is even seeing expressing her surprise and she is not pleased, to say the least.

There is also a prize money attached to the contest as the winner pockets about 3,000 rubles (Rs 32,000).

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