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UK rejects ‘no-deal Brexit’: what is a ‘no-deal Brexit’?


London, March 14: After her deal was rejected by the UK parliamentarians twice in three months, UK Prime Minister Theresa May found a breather as the MPs also rejected a no-deal Brexit in a voting in the House of Commons on Wednesday, March 13. This in effect could give the cornered premier a third opportunity to push through her deal.

Theresa May

Though it was rejected by the majority, yet it is important to know what is a 'no-deal Brexit'. It could have been an option after May's deal was rejected by most of the parliamentarians of the country that has been struggling over Brexit for some years now.

A 'no-deal Brexit' means the UK would exit the European Union (EU) as per schedule on March 29 and there would be no agreement or framework in place about how the future relationship between London and Brussels - the headquarters of EU - would be like.

British MPs reject no-deal Brexit in yet another voting; next is polling on delaying BrexitBritish MPs reject no-deal Brexit in yet another voting; next is polling on delaying Brexit

On ground, it was not the best option to avail since it would give rise to whole lot of complications but yet was being considered an option as the political leadership of the UK failed to agree over a better alternative.

What could happen under a 'no-deal Brexit'

Among things that could have happened under a 'no-deal Brexit', border checks could see a re-introduction; transport and trade between the UK and EU could be badly affected; movement of people in the EU countries could have been hit and above all, there would be no transition period towards a settled future relationship between the two sides as proposed by May in her withdrawal deal.

'No deal Brexit' is one subject over both the major parties of the UK showed an agreement and it was against it although May had in November last year refused to rule out a 'no-deal Brexit' if the parliament decided to vote against her deal.

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