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Two US aircraft pilots spot shining UFO in Arizona sky within minutes

By Shubham

It has been cited again. Two pilots flying two different planes reportedly spotted a mysterious object flying high above Arizona in the afternoon of February 24, the USA's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said.

Two US aircraft pilots spot shining UFO in Arizona sky within minutes

According to an FAA release, a few minutes differentiated the two pilots' spotting the objects in the altitudes of southern Arizona near the state's border with New Mexico in southern US. The audio recording of the pilots' conversation with the Albuquerque air traffic control was also released by the FAA.

The latest incidents happened amid a series of encounters that pilots operating military aircraft reportedly had with what is commonly described as the unidentified flying object of UFO.

Pilot of the second plane too spots the object

It was the pilot of a Phoenix Air flight who initially reported about the sighting. He asked the control whether anything passed his plane to which the former responded 'no'. The air traffic control than asked the pilot of an American Airlines flight which was flying next to the first plane to confirm if he spotted anything flying over him.

Within a few moments, the second pilot informed the control that he too saw something bizarre flying about two to three thousand feet above his flight. Both the pilots said the object was flying in the direction opposite to their aircraft and that it was either beaming light or was reflecting light.

The air traffic controller couldn't verify whether a third aircraft was present in the zone when the pilots sighted the bizarre object. Weather balloons or airships aren't uncommon at those heights but the pilots said the shining light of the object made its actual identity unclear.

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