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Trump’s tweets “gold mine” for foreign agents, feels ex-CIA analyst Nada Bakos: report

By Shubham
Google Oneindia News

Washington, July 4: Is US President Donald Trump compromising his country's security through his wild Twitter engagement?

The 45th president of the world's only superpower prefers to communicate directly with the people on Twitter where he has over 53 million followers , bypassing the mainstream media with which he has an unflinching enmity. He even chooses to announce his policies on Twitter besides discussing his administration's official stands on various issues.

Trump’s tweets “gold mine” for foreign agents, feels ex-CIA analyst Nada Bakos: report

According to IntelNews intelligence news website, Bakos, 49, who played a key role in locating Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks, wrote in an Washington Post editorial on June 23 that President Trump's "Twitter feed is a gold mine for every foreign intelligence agency".

According to Bakos, who worked for the CIA for two decades, all intelligence agencies build foreign leaders' psychological profiles that bank on information gathered through "methodical, painstaking and often covert" intelligence operations, the IntelNews report said.

"The final product can be crucial in enabling countries to devise strategies that counter their adversaries," the report cited Bakos as saying.

She said the foreign intelligence agencies needed to do less hard work when it came to the current US president for he let out his "unfiltered thoughts" round the clock and they are there for everybody to see. Bakos also observed that Trump's tweets don't undergo much scrutiny from his team of aides and advisors for it is evident from the frequency with which the latter "deletes and reposts tweets due to spelling and grammatical errors", the IntelNews report added.

Bakos said these tweets give a glimpse into Trump's train of thought, personality traits and mind, the report added.

Bakos said the foreign intelligence agencies make Trump's profile by analysing his tweets and match them against information gathered from other sources about major policy decisions that the US make. These agencies could manipulate media sources that Trump prefers and influence his views that could lead to an overall impact on the US's decision-making, the former analyst predicted and feared that countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia might have already done so.

Trump's personal views on Twitter could also be used to compare with those expressed by his aides and colleagues in the administration to find out who the president disagrees the most, the IntelNews report cited Bakos as apprehending. She said even Trump's sleeping pattern could be analysed by the foreign agents by seeing the timing of these tweets (the US president is known to shoot tweets at odd hours), the report added.

Though Bakos did not suggest that Trump should give up using social media, but she felt that his pattern of using it is "too impulsive" and "potentially dangerous" for the US's national security.

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