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Trump's silence on Kansas shooting is deafening and disturbing

By Vicky

US President Donald Trump's silence on the Kansas shooting in which an Indian was killed is deafening. Srinivasa Kochibhotla was shot dead by a hate driven man at Kansas on Thursday after being told, 'get out of my country'. Indian officials in Delhi said that it is rather upsetting that Trump who goes on a rhetoric all the time had nothing to say about the incident which shocked the entire world.

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File Photo of Donald Trump

Following the incident, the White House said nothing. It was only during a briefing on Friday that the White House made a remark after being reminded about the incident. The response was subdued and aimed more at brushing aside any correlation to Trump's rhetoric. "Any loss of life is tragic said press secretary Sean Spicer. I am not going to get into, like that kind-- to suggest that there is any correlation, I think it is a bit absurd," Spicer said.

Many even took to the social media to vent out their anger at the President's silence. While they expected a reaction from him, many even said that they were not surprised at all with his silence. He is not going to say anything, several people said.

Peter Daou, an advisor to Hillary Clinton said,"If the news media really wanted to be fair, they would give this as much attention as they do to attacks on white victims. There are others who have questioned why this is not a bigger story in the American media."

While in India, people are generally surprised about Trump's silence, in America too there are similar voices. The Indian community in the US is big and the Kansas incident needed more attention. Jon Favreau, Barack Obama's speechwriter wrote, "Once upon a time, Presidents such as Obama or Bush would have spoken out against this hate crime. Trump yelled about the media and FBI, he said. While reacting to the statement issued by White House, he said it seemed more like a clarification than a condemnation."

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