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Trump mocks ‘global warming’, makes a spelling goof-up again; gets roasted in turn


Washington, Jan 29: The "covfefe" ghost is back. US President Donald Trump on Monday (January 28) evening made yet another tweet mocking the phenomenon of global warming and was roasted in turn by the social media users. He also spelled global warming as "Global Waming" giving enough hint that his past goofups with spellings haven't yet taught him a lesson.

US President Donald Trump

Citing the terrible cold that has gripped the Midwest, Trump taunted the phenomenon of global warming asking it to "come back fast" in his tweet.

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Although the Republican president's tweet was liked 51k times, it also left his critics irked and they slammed him for not knowing the difference between climate and weather. His typo error of 'waming' also did not escape the Twitterati's notice.

Trump has always denied that there is something called climate change of global warming and also made the US pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017, months after entering the White House.

Here are some reactions that the Twitterati came up with against Trump's controversial tweet:

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