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Can we have a lift? Scores of toads seen taking a ride on a python and Twitter is stunned


Canberra, Jan 2: Many a time, we humans have taken lift from strangers in times of extreme weather conditions. But if we say that the same holds in the animal kingdom also, will your ears believe it?

Can we have a lift? Scores of toads seen taking a ride on a python and Twitter is stunned

Even if they don't, take your time to go through this story. Recently, a knot of toads in Australia 'sought' a lift from a python while it was slithering its way out of a lake after heavy rainfall. The rare sight looked to be out from the fairy tale books straightaway and one man in Kununurra in Northern Territory posted a picture of the same online, attracting a lot of attention.

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Andrew Mock posted the picture taken by his brother Paul Mock from whose dam the toads came out and soon the Twitterati came up with their own jokes about the 'situation'.

One of the Twitter user said the python was nothing but an 'Uber ride' for the toads.

"When I was halfway across the lawn, I bumped into the snake and he was just crawling along with all these toads hanging on, which I thought was extremely unusual and had never seen anything like that before. So I thought I better get a photo of this, and got a video of it, posted that to my brother who's in New Zealand at the moment," Paul told ABC Net Australia. "He (the snake) was literally moving across the grass at full speed with the frogs hanging on," he told the Guardian, adding that the snake is known to the family as it often comes by near the farm.

Amphibian expert Jodi Rowley, a senior lecturer in biological sciences at the University of New South Wales, made things even more surprising when he said on Twitter that the male cane toads were trying to mate with the python! She said that males often get carried away.

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Many joked that the python was nothing but an Uber ride for the toads. Here are some the reactions that the Twitterati came up on the incident:

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