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This artist doesn’t use pencil, brush or colour to paint photographs but only sunlight


Washington, Feb 25: Legend has it that Greek scientist Archimedes had used giant mirrors to reflect sunlight to burn down Roman ships that had tried to invade Greece. In the 21st century, Michael Papadakis also uses the same principle but not for some destructive purpose. The man is a rare artist who uses the sunlight to create masterpieces on wood without using conventional equipment even once.

Caption: Michael Papadakis paints with sunlight; image credit: Twitter handle of Papadakis @Sunscribes

Papadakis, a Greek-American based in Colorado, US, only uses a magnifying glass to use the sun rays to create incredible wooden artworks through burning. Yes, you heard it right. The impeccable work of art by the man has become a huge hit on social media.

The technique used by the Greek-American artist is called 'heliography' and it was invented by Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the 1820s which is used to make photograph from nature.

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Papadakis had started making his artworks during a trip to Asia and now he has specialised himself in the art to create wooden blocks to make logos, portraits and landscapes.

Talking to The National Herald, US, Papadakis said he wanted to become a traveller-artist but was against carrying the equipment for art on his back. He started painting with the sun in 2012 and set up his own company Sunscribers in 2016.

"I discovered that refracted sunlight and reflected sunlight had very different characteristics of one another. All this experimentation led me to believe that even sunlight can have multiple personalities, even if it comes from the same source," Papadakis wrote on his website.

The man also holds live shows and teaches his art to young students in Colorado.

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