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Thanks to social media, modern day Cinderella story is on cards


Montreal, Sep 11: The power of social media was once again evident in what is being called as a modern day Cinderella story. A Canadian student, in a bid to find the girl he met the previous night in the bar, e-mailed 246 women, of the same name studying in the University.

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The name 'Nicole' has united 246 women of the University of Calgary, Canada, to come together to find the real 'Nicole' who Carlos Zetina was searching for. The email thread soon turned to a face-book group and soon friendship blossomed among the 246 women.

Apparently, a woman named Nicole, gave wrong phone number to Carlos after they met at a bar the previous night. Unable to contact Nicole the following morning, Carlos, with the help of the college email directory, mailed every 'Nicole' studying in the university. "Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number," he wrote in the subject line.

But as a Dutch exchange student, the 'real' Nicole Toetenel did not have an email address affiliated with the university in Canada's Alberta province.

Nicole DuGraye, one of the 246 people copied on the message thought this would be a great way to connect the two people. This prompted her to start a Facebook page named "Nicole From Last Night". They have now planned a get-together in a bid to make friends and to find the woman Carlos was looking for. A mini meetup happened with plans for bigger gatherings to come, she says.

Another woman who received the message, Nicole Larsen, says that she felt "happy to be a part of a love story." People have began to compare the story to that of 'Cinderella' and are hoping that the two of them will strike a chord.

The real 'Nicole' finally found out about the ongoing Fb page rage and decided to put up a message in the group. The post says she didn't receive the email but learned about it because it started circulating on social media.

Nicole said in the group that she also wants to meet all of the other 'Nicoles' in the next few days.

In the post, she writes that she meant to give Carlos her number, but he might have gotten a digit wrong when he wrote it down.

We're planning to hang out maybe next week, said Carlos. I really didn't expect this to become a big thing, he adds.

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