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Taiwanese government resigns after defeat in local elections

By Ians English

Taipei, Dec 1: Taiwaness Prime Minister Jiang Yi-hua and his entire government resigned Monday following the ruling party Kuomintang's crushing defeat in local elections where it won only six of the 22 county-level divisions.

The prime minister considered the results of Saturday's elections to be a vote of no confidence against his government and presented his resignation to President Ma Ying-jeou, who immediately accepted it.

Taiwanese government resigns after defeat in local elections

Jiang will lead a caretaker government until the president appoints a new prime minister who will then appoint a new cabinet, according to the country's constitution.

The president too is expected to resign from his post this week on account of the electoral trouncing, and has yet to give any indication about who could be the next prime minister.

Jiang asked his cabinet members to hold their positions until the appointment of a new government for a smooth transition and asked them to refrain from taking important policy decisions.

The stepping down of the government affected the functioning of the parliament as ministers were unable to attend meetings of parliamentary committees and it could also affect negotiations with China that have already been scheduled.

Several food scandals, stagnating wages and a rise in living costs led to protests and criticism of the government, including an occupation of the parliament by students in March and April.


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