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Student, who has interview with Microsoft on Feb 18, turned up a month ago


London, Jan 24: Sometimes, over enthusiasm could land us in sheer embarrassment even though it might not be too bad an outcome eventually. Laura MacLean, a 21-year-old student of management and marketing in the UK, was so eagerly looking forward to her interview with tech giant Microsoft that she ended up pinging the recruiter a full one month ahead of the schedule of the interview.

Student, who has interview with Microsoft on Feb 18, turned up a month ago

According to a report in BuzzFeed, MacLean was all prepared for the job interview, had her outfit ready and mock interviews completed with family and friends. The interview is scheduled for February 18 but an over-enthusiastic MacLean turned up on January 18 and what happened then left her deeply embarrassed.

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"I didn't want to mess up my one chance. And these types of chances don't come around often with big tech companies like Microsoft," MacLean told BuzzFeed.

She waited for the interview on January 18 and on not receiving a call from the recruiter, she reached out to the latter asking if everything was fine.

It was then when Microsoft reminded her that she was a month too early for the interview.

"It is the 18th of February and it was scheduled for 11am," the recruiter said.

When MacLean said she was "just slightly confused". The recruiter told her that it was still January and "February is next month".

For the student, the embarrassment seemed to have no end. "When the team emailed back reminding me it was in fact January and February was the next month, I quite frankly wanted to disappear into thin air," she told BuzzFeed.

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After MacLean's tweet about the embarrassing experience went viral, Microsoft recruiters assured her saying: "Don't worry some mistakes just happen" and even added a cheery smiley.

Also, the company's Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Chuck Edward, wished MacLean "the best of luck" on the February interview. He even told BuzzFeed that Microsoft is "always looking for candidates who have a growth mindset" which means "taking initiative, leaning into uncertainty, looking for solutions, and recognizing our own mistakes".

The Twitterati came up with reactions on the unique conversation online and some were impressed with the young MacLean's eagerness:

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